About us


Hi, My name is Mayra and I am the Owner & creative designer of V.E.B.M and also a 43 year old stay at home mom of a beautiful 14 year daughter, 2 older step kids,and my grandson Jordan who keeps me on my toes, I am also a wife to a loving husband of 17 years. After I lost my job of 14 years, I decided that now was the right time to start my home based business, just to secure my finances, and here i am today, being passionate about what i do. I started with embroidery and diaper cakes, which i currently still run, i was inspired to start this t-shirt business because my daughter till this day do not like embroider tees.  My goal is to make the best trendy tees on the market,  yet practical and comparable to others .  My mission is to help people find their perfect tee. I thank you in advance for your business and those who are returning, thank you for your continued business.